The main motive of the current collection are heart and love symbols. Inspired by the trends of the 80s and hippie culture, as well as a selection of extravagant vintage objects.
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Natural Love

The joys of nature.
Delicate items of jewelry that reflect the romantic love of nature – enchanting floral beauties!

Pure Love

Straight from the heart.
Charming elegance and dreamy motifs give these jewels a timeless romantic quality.

Sweet Love

These delightfully charming designs combine pure elegance with romantic script in a beautiful, sensual manner.

Glam Love

For the diva in every woman.
A first-class extravaganza; these are gorgeous eye-catchers for that extra special look.

Crazy Love

Extravagant design and a stylish combination of the 80s and hippie culture make sure these jewels are real eye-catchers.